Denmark, my country 🇩🇰 

I have been in Denmark for over a month now, and I  have had the time so settle down in my small apartment in Haderslev.

This evening a thought came to my mind. I wrote my blog when in Bali to share my experiences there. And my blog ID in English because most my readers are from all over the world.. So, why not write about what to see and what to know about the “happiest” place in the world.

A small country known for our strong ancestors the vikings, the concept of hygge, the royal family and in these days also Caroline Wozniacki (good job in Australia ✌️💪). 

So I have desided the next many Sundays I will post a blog about my country, the life here and what to see if you feel like traveling to Scandinavia. We have a lot to offer, and I will be your personal tour guide. 

If you have any ideas or request let me know, I will go explore it or explain it the best I can 😀😀