Yes, I am still on Bali 😉 

I haven’t posted anything for a long time due to the fact that I am preparing for my final exams, but also because of the rain season has kicked in.

So what have I been up to of interesting things. I took a look in my phone and a lot of smaller events and activities popped up😀

Sunset at Kuta Beach 🏖 

The sunsets are still beautiful and there a still so many beaches to see them from 
sadl, y low tie at Kuta Beach also shows the sad truth about the garbage / plastic problem on Bali

Thomas Beach 🏖 

A beautiful place and we visited it on a day where the sun was shinning and the breeze was light and nice. We had the beach almost on our own. Here you really see that it is not only low season because of the rain, but the fear of Mount Agung has an impact in the low level of tourist. 

It most be said that you still can come to Bali. Yes the volcano may erupt, but as long as you are prepared with masks, goggles and don’t have asma, you will be fine here on the island. 

The garden is green as never before, 

At Green Tara. Our tomatoes, cucumbers, pineapples, mangoes, limes and grass is growing. A lovely sight, that not only attract the eye of the people in the house. A snake came to visit one day. 

Hard Rock Cafe and shopping 

What to do on a really rainy ☔ day. A trip to the shopping area in Kuta and a good (but expensive) lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. My friend and I had the place all to ourselves and had fun taking pictures 

We also used hours of shopping and found some great boutiques with the standards like in Europe. Luckily the prices are not the same in Denmark 🇩🇰.

So it is not all rainy down here. I will survive the exams and I will survive the Mount Agung. But without money it will all be hard. (both my credit cards got copied and mis used – please take good care of Ytte credit card down here) 

And now, back to the studies.