Yes, I am still on Bali 😉 

I haven’t posted anything for a long time due to the fact that I am preparing for my final exams, but also because of the rain season has kicked in.

So what have I been up to of interesting things. I took a look in my phone and a lot of smaller events and activities popped up😀

Sunset at Kuta Beach 🏖 

The sunsets are still beautiful and there a still so many beaches to see them from 
sadl, y low tie at Kuta Beach also shows the sad truth about the garbage / plastic problem on Bali

Thomas Beach 🏖 

A beautiful place and we visited it on a day where the sun was shinning and the breeze was light and nice. We had the beach almost on our own. Here you really see that it is not only low season because of the rain, but the fear of Mount Agung has an impact in the low level of tourist. 

It most be said that you still can come to Bali. Yes the volcano may erupt, but as long as you are prepared with masks, goggles and don’t have asma, you will be fine here on the island. 

The garden is green as never before, 

At Green Tara. Our tomatoes, cucumbers, pineapples, mangoes, limes and grass is growing. A lovely sight, that not only attract the eye of the people in the house. A snake came to visit one day. 

Hard Rock Cafe and shopping 

What to do on a really rainy ☔ day. A trip to the shopping area in Kuta and a good (but expensive) lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. My friend and I had the place all to ourselves and had fun taking pictures 

We also used hours of shopping and found some great boutiques with the standards like in Europe. Luckily the prices are not the same in Denmark 🇩🇰.

So it is not all rainy down here. I will survive the exams and I will survive the Mount Agung. But without money it will all be hard. (both my credit cards got copied and mis used – please take good care of Ytte credit card down here) 

And now, back to the studies. 

Will Mount Agung erupt soon…? 

Here on Bali it is all over the news and on people’s mind  – Will the Vulcano erupt soon?

Latest status: The Vulcano is on the highest level (no. 4) and the safety zone 12km (for now).  The airport is closed.

I live in the south and for today our biggest struggle has not been the Vulcano, but the rain season. Concerning the possible erupting of Mount Agung, most of us are already having masks and goggles ready (masks are almost sold out everywhere) because the ashes will be one of  the biggest threats south of the Vulcano.

Rain season 😊

Personally I get a lot of information and  instructions from  Asiaexchange (and many other media) due to the emergency whatsapp/Facebook groups, where informations are ticking in all the time.

Please be prepared, follow the instructions and take care!!

Information about how to react and what to prepare are spread out to the island inhabitants and I tried to sum it up in my little video below.  I know the situation is serious and I sent all my thoughts and best wishes to the population near Mount Agung, may you all be safe 🙏 🌟


If you wanna read more about Mount Agung, check my first blog post. In “Finally I did my first blog post” I wrote  about how the refugees were living and the preparation for an possible eruption.

#4 Pack your backpack, rent a scooter and you’re on your way…

The last day on our trip through Nusa Lembogan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida arrived so fast and we were excited to go to two stops on Penida, before hitting to the habor where we had to deliver our scooter back to Hambali (a local that gave us an offer on a bit expensive scooter – but the breaks worled!) and on the local boat from Crown Boats back to Sanur (price 150,000idr pr. person and departure at 0930, 1330 and 1630).

“The T-rex beach”

First stop was The Kelingkung beach (parking fee 5,000idr pr. scooter). A beautiful white sand beach, where the water were turqouise blue and the view amazing. Sadly, we only saw the beach from above. First and for most because the stairs down were terrible and second, we had walked so many stairs the day before, that we knew our legs would properly not survive. What you do not see on these pictures, it that on the hill behind us, a lot of small warungs are ready to cook lunch for you or sell an ice cold berevage 🙂

I have to tell you, that the road towards Kelingkung and the rest of the day actually, was a reel challange, both for the driver and the passanger! Some of our fellow students at Uni, had told us that the streets of Penida, were terrible. But we did not really believe them after our first easy drive around the island. But on our second day here, we had to acknowlegde that they were speaking the truth. The roads were bumpy, uneven and nerve wrecking. But we managed with out any accidents and was so happy that we brought our own helmets!

Angel’s billabong and Broken Beach

These places are Nusa Penida’s two top attractions and a lot of tourist were already here, when we arrived around lunch time. The sun was high in the sky, the breeze fitting and a lot of paparazzi pictures were taken here.

Billabong is a nice water hole, where you can take a dip after visiting the broken beach. The rocks here are a bit sharp, so remember some bathing flip flops 🙂

The Broken Beach was the best scenario ever. The locals here have been thinking out of the box and have built a tall plateau, so all the visitors can get the best picture. At the Broken Beach you could also sit at a warung for a break. And here I ate some of the best mie goreng (fried noodles) during my stay in Indonesia, it was just perfect and cheap (soda and food for 27,000idr).

These attractions were the end of our weekend away from the small city life at Green Tara. It was a great trip, that was easy to plan from day to day and with a lot remarkable places (and stairs) to see.


THANKS to Salla for being my tour planner and good companionship along the way 🙂 without you, I would only had have pictures of puppies, chinese turists, nature and my food. And been singing along songs I did not knew were from “Finlandia” (Chasing Highs by Alma). 

#3 Pack your back pack, rent a scooter and you’re on you way …

… and you arms may now have a really good brown (or red color, if you did not used a lot of sunscreen).

I think it was so nice to wake up at Singabu Bungalows (lovely place for about 200,000idr pr. person) having a cup of coffee (because the nice landlord already made it ready for you), sitting on the terrace and planning the activities of the day. A point that Salla agreed with me on, and with her skills in finding the best places through Instagram and blogs helped a lot for the pick of attractions.

A great view and of course a swing. You never get to old for enjoying the breeze in your hair like this

Temple cave

Our first stop on Nusa Penida was going to a holy place in the western part of the island. We drove along the cost and had the win in our “hair” (or more like straight in the face, because of course we brought our helmet. Notice that helmets are not a thing that follows along, when renting a scooter). We arrived at Goa Giri Putri a temple in the mountain wall. Here a lot of locals was gathered, because of the ceremonial celebration of the black moon. With our asiaexchange sarongs on and a donation to the charity box, we entered the biggest cave I have EVER seen. We had to go through a very small hole in the stone wall and in front of us was a big cave.

We passed by several ceremonies during our walk through the tunnels. The sound of people chanting, the sweet smell of incense spikes and the thick hot damp air set the framework for first “attraction” of the day. Again a scenery that would fit a movie – indeed a Indiana Jones movie.

Walking through the cave we ended at another hole in the wall and entered directly into the “jungle”. Small warungs offered beverages and traditional pieces of fabrics specific from Penida.

Excited and happy about the experience of visiting at “temple” cave under a ceremony as some of the few tourists, we sad on our scooter again for the next destination – Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach

This beach was amazing. The best view ever and all the settings were just right. The sun, the breeze and the walk down towards it – breath taking. A well deserved lunch (grill tuna can be recommonded) and a ice cold Bintang was the best and only solution for us here. You cannot go to Nusa Penida with out coming here!

Peguyangan Waterfall

Personally, in my mind I had a picture of an exotic waterfall, where we could have a dip and some relaxing time in the sun.

But as it showed, we had to get do a whole lot of work for the small waterfall. We got a lot of sun, but relaxation was NOT an option when going 800 meters down on the side of a cliff, with a whole lot of stairs and minding our steps so that we would not end in the ocean.

This holy waterfall was a good experience, but could not be recommended for children and people with a bad condition.

I did not have to do my daily work out after these stairs! When we at twilight sad down in a small restaurant near our hotel, we had a lot to talk about, even though we were tired and had shaky legs-

Before we left the restaurant, we had the pleaure of the  good company of a sweet fellow – that made some moves on me 🙂 He had the sweetest eyes, a good figure and the only thing I wanted was to bring him home. But I had to be realistic, a relationship between me and a “local” would never work out! So I had to leave with Salla instead 🙂

#2 Pack your backpack, rent a scooter and you’re on your way 

Friday morning started out with a nice swim in the pool, breakfast and Salla planning our day. Most people rent a scooter each when driving around, but for Salla and I it works really good with me driving and her being the navigator/tour guide.

Mama being a super driver 😀

It is easy to go from Nusa Lembongan to Nusa Ceningan, you just have to cross the yellow bridge and you arrive on this small island, where you cannot bring cars. 

Yellow bridge

First stop was The Secret Beach. A place that would be great for filming a movie. The water was really good here, you just had to be aware that the current is really strong. We wanted to buy some drinks here, but the restrurant was under construction and the menu card was therefore limited. 

The Secret Beach 

Next stop was The Blue Lagoon. Truly blue and beautiful, but only for pictures. It was not a place for swimming, only for picture taking 😀. Notice that I managed to take a picture of Salla without interruption from the two Swedish guys, the small crowd of Chinese and some other nationalities that also was doing the turist / Paparazzi photoshot. 

Salla was a great model at The Blue Lagoon

Times passes fast when you’re on a sightseeing and after driving a bit, we found a nice place called The Driftwood Bar. There we had lunch (a good lunch, but we reached the point of hangry a couple of times, because the staff was in a hurry with all the guests). This bar offered an infinity pool and a trip over the cliffs with a zip line (85.000idr pr. Person) 

After a lot of relaxation near the water all day long, we went to the “harbor” at the yellow for the local “slow” boat. On Bali we are use to bargain about every, but on this island it seemed like a lost case every time. They had their prices and that was that😀

A local boat coasted 75.000idr. There were no time schedule for departure. Instead the boat would sail when ever the captain had 10 passagers. And what else to do when waiting in the rain, then looking at the people working on the beach and drink a good strong cup of kopi (red. Coffee ☕). 

We arrived almost soaked to the skin, tired and ready for bed at the Devi Deva home stay, where the owner was so nice, that she upgraded us to a better room (there may have been a smaller problem in the first room, but the story is better without that detail  😀😀). 

#1 Pack your backpack, rent a scooter and you’re on your way 

You cannot stay on Bali for a longer period without traveling elsewhere. So this weekend Salla and I went for a trip to the three islands south west of Bali  – Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Pendia. 

A fast boat from Sanur til Lembongan costed us around 280.000idr pr. Person and that with transfer from our home stay and insurance.

Arrived with a lot of other turists on Lembongan we got offered to rent scooters and a lot of tours around the island. You don’t have to pick the first and the best, there are a lot of scooters to choose among (we learned that the hard way, please check out breaks and tires before making a deal 😃). A scooter pr. day should be around 80.000idr.

For picking hotels we used, which we think offers some really good deals when it comes to saving money on a commendation. We stayed at The Tanis Villas the first night for only 208.000idr pr. person.  A nice place, that at the first glance looked old and poor, but turned out to be an amazing place. 

King size bed, television and an air con that made the pingvins happy

We did not so much more that day beside of driving around Lembongan. It’s and easy drive that can be done within sone hours. 

We visited to really nice places, The Devils Point (where you had to take care of not being taken by the big waves)  and Dream beach 🏖 

Photo: @sallassofia. Dream beach
Photo: @sallassofia. Dream beach
Photo: @sallassofia. Dream beach
The Devil’s point

We visited two beautiful places during our drive, places that is a most see The Devils Point and Dream beach  
It is possible to do at boat trip around the Mangrove forest (100.000idr), but we choosed a warung with a great view to Mount Agung and a “pool” instead 🤣 

A new culture experience for Salla and I, was to see that the graves on this island, all have been provided with an umbrella ☔. We never found out why. But it looked pretty

Our day ended for the sunset at a bar /restaurant called The Deck. We had some good cocktails and local snack, before going home tired and excited for Friday morning. 

I just loved these old VWs. They are everywhere, in all kind of colors and with all kind of functions.
The drink with the fly is called a potato head. Ask me if I felt like a potato head after taking a “food porn” picture  with a fly on my drink 😀😀

Sulawesi #1 – when every thing looks so similar, but its different… 

Hey Guys, I am back again after some recreation days after my trip to Sulawesi, Indonesia – the worlds 11th biggest island.

I have a lot stuff to tell you about this trip, a trip I would describe more as an experience than amazing!

19 of my fellow students from Udayana University was invited to visit the northern part of Sulawesi to have a look at the area and some of the activities that the area have to offer turists – at the moment there are not paticular many turist in this part of Indonesia.

After an easy flight, the Asiaexchange group arrived in Makassar Airport on Sulawesi around 10 o’clock. Everyone with a huge smile on their face and full of expectations for the upcoming days

The wheels on the bus go round and round… Our first 24 hours were planned to take place in our bus, with some minor stops along the way for eating and gas station stops. Sulawesi looks at first glance a lot like Bali, but when crossing the big city line of Makassar, you see, that a lot of the island still is farming land, green fields and this island contains mountains, a lot of them 🙂

During 6 days on the island, we soon realized that Sulawesi handle things differently, smell differently and just was different then Bali.

All of this I will try to explain you guy in my next 6 blog posts. So follow along, and let yourself go on a “journey” with me, here on reflectionbyka – get some motivation by clicking here

With love – Karina Amalie