Will Mount Agung erupt soon…? 

Here on Bali it is all over the news and on people’s mind  – Will the Vulcano erupt soon?

Latest status: The Vulcano is on the highest level (no. 4) and the safety zone 12km (for now).  The airport is closed.

I live in the south and for today our biggest struggle has not been the Vulcano, but the rain season. Concerning the possible erupting of Mount Agung, most of us are already having masks and goggles ready (masks are almost sold out everywhere) because the ashes will be one of  the biggest threats south of the Vulcano.

Rain season 😊

Personally I get a lot of information and  instructions from  Asiaexchange (and many other media) due to the emergency whatsapp/Facebook groups, where informations are ticking in all the time.

Please be prepared, follow the instructions and take care!!

Information about how to react and what to prepare are spread out to the island inhabitants and I tried to sum it up in my little video below.  I know the situation is serious and I sent all my thoughts and best wishes to the population near Mount Agung, may you all be safe 🙏 🌟


If you wanna read more about Mount Agung, check my first blog post. In “Finally I did my first blog post” I wrote  about how the refugees were living and the preparation for an possible eruption.

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