#4 Pack your backpack, rent a scooter and you’re on your way…

The last day on our trip through Nusa Lembogan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida arrived so fast and we were excited to go to two stops on Penida, before hitting to the habor where we had to deliver our scooter back to Hambali (a local that gave us an offer on a bit expensive scooter – but the breaks worled!) and on the local boat from Crown Boats back to Sanur (price 150,000idr pr. person and departure at 0930, 1330 and 1630).

“The T-rex beach”

First stop was The Kelingkung beach (parking fee 5,000idr pr. scooter). A beautiful white sand beach, where the water were turqouise blue and the view amazing. Sadly, we only saw the beach from above. First and for most because the stairs down were terrible and second, we had walked so many stairs the day before, that we knew our legs would properly not survive. What you do not see on these pictures, it that on the hill behind us, a lot of small warungs are ready to cook lunch for you or sell an ice cold berevage 🙂

I have to tell you, that the road towards Kelingkung and the rest of the day actually, was a reel challange, both for the driver and the passanger! Some of our fellow students at Uni, had told us that the streets of Penida, were terrible. But we did not really believe them after our first easy drive around the island. But on our second day here, we had to acknowlegde that they were speaking the truth. The roads were bumpy, uneven and nerve wrecking. But we managed with out any accidents and was so happy that we brought our own helmets!

Angel’s billabong and Broken Beach

These places are Nusa Penida’s two top attractions and a lot of tourist were already here, when we arrived around lunch time. The sun was high in the sky, the breeze fitting and a lot of paparazzi pictures were taken here.

Billabong is a nice water hole, where you can take a dip after visiting the broken beach. The rocks here are a bit sharp, so remember some bathing flip flops 🙂

The Broken Beach was the best scenario ever. The locals here have been thinking out of the box and have built a tall plateau, so all the visitors can get the best picture. At the Broken Beach you could also sit at a warung for a break. And here I ate some of the best mie goreng (fried noodles) during my stay in Indonesia, it was just perfect and cheap (soda and food for 27,000idr).

These attractions were the end of our weekend away from the small city life at Green Tara. It was a great trip, that was easy to plan from day to day and with a lot remarkable places (and stairs) to see.


THANKS to Salla for being my tour planner and good companionship along the way 🙂 without you, I would only had have pictures of puppies, chinese turists, nature and my food. And been singing along songs I did not knew were from “Finlandia” (Chasing Highs by Alma). 

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