#3 Pack your back pack, rent a scooter and you’re on you way …

… and you arms may now have a really good brown (or red color, if you did not used a lot of sunscreen).

I think it was so nice to wake up at Singabu Bungalows (lovely place for about 200,000idr pr. person) having a cup of coffee (because the nice landlord already made it ready for you), sitting on the terrace and planning the activities of the day. A point that Salla agreed with me on, and with her skills in finding the best places through Instagram and blogs helped a lot for the pick of attractions.

A great view and of course a swing. You never get to old for enjoying the breeze in your hair like this

Temple cave

Our first stop on Nusa Penida was going to a holy place in the western part of the island. We drove along the cost and had the win in our “hair” (or more like straight in the face, because of course we brought our helmet. Notice that helmets are not a thing that follows along, when renting a scooter). We arrived at Goa Giri Putri a temple in the mountain wall. Here a lot of locals was gathered, because of the ceremonial celebration of the black moon. With our asiaexchange sarongs on and a donation to the charity box, we entered the biggest cave I have EVER seen. We had to go through a very small hole in the stone wall and in front of us was a big cave.

We passed by several ceremonies during our walk through the tunnels. The sound of people chanting, the sweet smell of incense spikes and the thick hot damp air set the framework for first “attraction” of the day. Again a scenery that would fit a movie – indeed a Indiana Jones movie.

Walking through the cave we ended at another hole in the wall and entered directly into the “jungle”. Small warungs offered beverages and traditional pieces of fabrics specific from Penida.

Excited and happy about the experience of visiting at “temple” cave under a ceremony as some of the few tourists, we sad on our scooter again for the next destination – Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach

This beach was amazing. The best view ever and all the settings were just right. The sun, the breeze and the walk down towards it – breath taking. A well deserved lunch (grill tuna can be recommonded) and a ice cold Bintang was the best and only solution for us here. You cannot go to Nusa Penida with out coming here!

Peguyangan Waterfall

Personally, in my mind I had a picture of an exotic waterfall, where we could have a dip and some relaxing time in the sun.

But as it showed, we had to get do a whole lot of work for the small waterfall. We got a lot of sun, but relaxation was NOT an option when going 800 meters down on the side of a cliff, with a whole lot of stairs and minding our steps so that we would not end in the ocean.

This holy waterfall was a good experience, but could not be recommended for children and people with a bad condition.

I did not have to do my daily work out after these stairs! When we at twilight sad down in a small restaurant near our hotel, we had a lot to talk about, even though we were tired and had shaky legs-

Before we left the restaurant, we had the pleaure of the  good company of a sweet fellow – that made some moves on me 🙂 He had the sweetest eyes, a good figure and the only thing I wanted was to bring him home. But I had to be realistic, a relationship between me and a “local” would never work out! So I had to leave with Salla instead 🙂

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