#2 Pack your backpack, rent a scooter and you’re on your way 

Friday morning started out with a nice swim in the pool, breakfast and Salla planning our day. Most people rent a scooter each when driving around, but for Salla and I it works really good with me driving and her being the navigator/tour guide.

Mama being a super driver 😀

It is easy to go from Nusa Lembongan to Nusa Ceningan, you just have to cross the yellow bridge and you arrive on this small island, where you cannot bring cars. 

Yellow bridge

First stop was The Secret Beach. A place that would be great for filming a movie. The water was really good here, you just had to be aware that the current is really strong. We wanted to buy some drinks here, but the restrurant was under construction and the menu card was therefore limited. 

The Secret Beach 

Next stop was The Blue Lagoon. Truly blue and beautiful, but only for pictures. It was not a place for swimming, only for picture taking 😀. Notice that I managed to take a picture of Salla without interruption from the two Swedish guys, the small crowd of Chinese and some other nationalities that also was doing the turist / Paparazzi photoshot. 

Salla was a great model at The Blue Lagoon

Times passes fast when you’re on a sightseeing and after driving a bit, we found a nice place called The Driftwood Bar. There we had lunch (a good lunch, but we reached the point of hangry a couple of times, because the staff was in a hurry with all the guests). This bar offered an infinity pool and a trip over the cliffs with a zip line (85.000idr pr. Person) 

After a lot of relaxation near the water all day long, we went to the “harbor” at the yellow for the local “slow” boat. On Bali we are use to bargain about every, but on this island it seemed like a lost case every time. They had their prices and that was that😀

A local boat coasted 75.000idr. There were no time schedule for departure. Instead the boat would sail when ever the captain had 10 passagers. And what else to do when waiting in the rain, then looking at the people working on the beach and drink a good strong cup of kopi (red. Coffee ☕). 

We arrived almost soaked to the skin, tired and ready for bed at the Devi Deva home stay, where the owner was so nice, that she upgraded us to a better room (there may have been a smaller problem in the first room, but the story is better without that detail  😀😀). 

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