#1 Pack your backpack, rent a scooter and you’re on your way 

You cannot stay on Bali for a longer period without traveling elsewhere. So this weekend Salla and I went for a trip to the three islands south west of Bali  – Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Pendia. 

A fast boat from Sanur til Lembongan costed us around 280.000idr pr. Person and that with transfer from our home stay and insurance.

Arrived with a lot of other turists on Lembongan we got offered to rent scooters and a lot of tours around the island. You don’t have to pick the first and the best, there are a lot of scooters to choose among (we learned that the hard way, please check out breaks and tires before making a deal 😃). A scooter pr. day should be around 80.000idr.

For picking hotels we used www.agoda.com, which we think offers some really good deals when it comes to saving money on a commendation. We stayed at The Tanis Villas the first night for only 208.000idr pr. person.  A nice place, that at the first glance looked old and poor, but turned out to be an amazing place. 

King size bed, television and an air con that made the pingvins happy

We did not so much more that day beside of driving around Lembongan. It’s and easy drive that can be done within sone hours. 

We visited to really nice places, The Devils Point (where you had to take care of not being taken by the big waves)  and Dream beach 🏖 

Photo: @sallassofia. Dream beach
Photo: @sallassofia. Dream beach
Photo: @sallassofia. Dream beach
The Devil’s point

We visited two beautiful places during our drive, places that is a most see The Devils Point and Dream beach  
It is possible to do at boat trip around the Mangrove forest (100.000idr), but we choosed a warung with a great view to Mount Agung and a “pool” instead 🤣 

A new culture experience for Salla and I, was to see that the graves on this island, all have been provided with an umbrella ☔. We never found out why. But it looked pretty

Our day ended for the sunset at a bar /restaurant called The Deck. We had some good cocktails and local snack, before going home tired and excited for Friday morning. 

I just loved these old VWs. They are everywhere, in all kind of colors and with all kind of functions.
The drink with the fly is called a potato head. Ask me if I felt like a potato head after taking a “food porn” picture  with a fly on my drink 😀😀

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