Sulawesi #1 – when every thing looks so similar, but its different… 

Hey Guys, I am back again after some recreation days after my trip to Sulawesi, Indonesia – the worlds 11th biggest island.

I have a lot stuff to tell you about this trip, a trip I would describe more as an experience than amazing!

19 of my fellow students from Udayana University was invited to visit the northern part of Sulawesi to have a look at the area and some of the activities that the area have to offer turists – at the moment there are not paticular many turist in this part of Indonesia.

After an easy flight, the Asiaexchange group arrived in Makassar Airport on Sulawesi around 10 o’clock. Everyone with a huge smile on their face and full of expectations for the upcoming days

The wheels on the bus go round and round… Our first 24 hours were planned to take place in our bus, with some minor stops along the way for eating and gas station stops. Sulawesi looks at first glance a lot like Bali, but when crossing the big city line of Makassar, you see, that a lot of the island still is farming land, green fields and this island contains mountains, a lot of them 🙂

During 6 days on the island, we soon realized that Sulawesi handle things differently, smell differently and just was different then Bali.

All of this I will try to explain you guy in my next 6 blog posts. So follow along, and let yourself go on a “journey” with me, here on reflectionbyka – get some motivation by clicking here

With love – Karina Amalie

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