Having an easy day with exam…  

After my Tuesday was a bit chaotic (my credit card information was used in Jakarta and they took a lot of cash from my account), I am enjoying today. It is last day with midterm exams, the sun is shining and ahead of me awaitd 14 days “vacation”.

Campus at Udayana University. I had this spot all by my self for some minutes before other students started to pop up
Nasi campur at the vegetarian warung close to school.. Really good food and their soup. Yummy 😋

I am from the 26-31. October, with a huge group of students, going to the Indonesian island called Sulawesi. The worlds 11. Largest island. It is going to be so exciting and with my approach of just following along and see what the activity plan is, really works good for me today.

I did not think a lot about this trip to Sulewesi. But today I realized you have to plan a bit. Because while packing I found out you have to bring cloth. Hi hi, so I had to was my cloth by hand and hang them over our tomato 🍅 plants in the sun. Thank God, we have 28degress today 😉
I guess, I do not need to buy bananas for snacks the next couple of days 😀
Yes, you’re right. This is a scooter shop. And yes, the salesman is selling 🐠. And no, they are not for eating, but petting 😀

I am so looking forward to this trip and I hope you guys will enjoy many small post from me along my “vacation”.  

With love – Karina Amalie 

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