And suddenly I felt like part of fifty shades of Grey …

Today I had one of these days, where you wake up and already before you open your eyes knows, that this is a day to stay home under your blanket. Away for the world and alone..

But as you stretches your snoozing body you realize that your not alone in bed and under your left butt cheeks there is one of those huge dark brown bugs you have been fighting all night. Arghhhh! Suddenly you don’t wanna stay in bed all day, because you know you will not be alone.

Of to school, doing your exams. Even though your morning was a bit bad, you know that with the Bali sun in your face and win in your hair every  thing will turn out just fine.

Back in the house you feel energized and plane for a nice massage in the evening. Not even the gecko 🦎 pee on your shoulder can knock you out. 

You are taking a break for your school reading and look a bit on your phone, scrolling Facebook. Hmm, nothing is happening out in the world. Is our lifes borring??! As you sit and wondering about the greater meaning about life itself, your phone rings. And that in middle of your a Facebook video about cats been scared by cucumbers (doesn’t the woræd know you are busy today!!). 

Its your bank calling,  telling you your credit card has been used unregualy in Indonesia. Come on guys, my card is always used unregualy and I have been in Bali for months. 

Because you cannot call out of Asia, your brother is put on the case. Forth and back you call him, he the bank and again back to you. You do not only get the message that someone tried to use your card informations in Jakarta, but with the amount of times your brother talked to Dorthe (the bank woman)  your brother also tells you that, that bank lady is really nice and pleasent person (thanks to Dorthe for calling back again and again because I had so many questions).

Puh, happy about the credit card situation is under control you move out in traffic on your scooter and with your friend. Today you will try out a new massage place. The drive is good, again the wind of freedom in your face and the massage Ladies seems nice at the arrivel. 

You are happy and you do not think about the concept that the little balinees woman ask you to go with her in another room because of the noise. You just smile. This slimming massage will so you good.

Face downwards, a little bit drooling because of totally pleasure, you are almost asleep on the massage bench. And when sleep nearly gets you, you feel it. The first spanking on your upper butt, followed by a bunch of smacking from two very very effective hands. The hands that apparently tries to beat your top fat layer away. You struggle with the pain in you. Trying to think of various breathing techniques you’ve seen American pregnant women learn on film. The massage lady stops, just to lubricate more oil and continue. When at some point she asks if it’s hot, you say; “puha yes”. And she spank you harder! She didn’t ask if it was hot, she asked if it should be harder. Arghhhh..

Finally when you’re done and feeling very much alive, openeyed and you pay the bill, the massage Ladies smiles and tells you that slimming massage only helps when you come once a week… 

Hmmm, I don’t know if I wanna come back. On my way back home, my butt burns and I finally think I understand why Anastasia Steel from fifty shades of Grey had to run out and take a long break from Mr. Grey after he spanked her hard. 

After today I realized that sometimes when you feel like staying in bed all day long, you should do it, even if you have to shared it with a nasty little brown bug….

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