When you need a little break from daily life…

This post, was posted on my former danish blog start of September. I now translated it into english, because I think everyone should take some days in Cangu 🙂

The school has started and I have been introduced to Indonesian Bahasa (I can say good-bye and my name :-)), global marketing, law, entrepreneurship, cross-cultural and asian economics. It’s really exciting to get started with the studies – but you have to be focused when Bali’s many activities and attractions are just outside the school walls.

Headed for Cangu !!

Therefore,  on Saturday afternoon, the Green Tara Group headed  Cangu a good deal up the west coast. Almost everyone from the house joined – group tours are apparently a hit when studing abroad 🙂

After 1.5 hours in a taxi for a distance of 25 km, you become really thirsty – Balinese ice tea quits the thirst  everytime 🙂

Hostel – Hang Time

Hang Time Hostel is a nice little place, on a side street to the vibrant “main street” of Cangu. Easily accessible to the hipper places by the water and just across a fantastic warung, where Indonesian food was not only offered – some delicious Thai-style dishes was also on the menu. The sweet midwife that owned the warung, is from Thailand and she married a German – with 90% of our Green Tara group coming  from Germany, we got a nice chat with her!

The price for a room at Hang Time cost us about DDK 35 per person, which included a nice bath room, pool and cold bintang beer in the fridge (about DDK 15 for a big bottle). And to the brave ones, there was also the possibility of being tattooed by the young man with the huge razor slings …

House rules!
Large shared bathroom, with open-air shower.

Location by the pool.

If you got a too many cocktails at the beach before bedtime, you coulded allways recognize your bed on its name. In our room, all the bunks had German soccer team names 🙂
The weekly activity plan

Perawa Beach

40 minute walk from Hang Time lies the very visited and famous beach club The Finns Club. This beach is really large and inviting. The Finn’s Club is noticed by its location, the good waves for the surfers, their events and their building in particular.

Close to The Finn’s Club we ended our day in Cangu. A little further down the beach, a small beach warung (Arboon Beach Bar) offered happy hour between 1700-1800 and served excellent dinner for reasonable money.


Group photo – with a perfect view at the water and the sunset, a group photo was unavoidably.
The waiter made a joke with me as he took the group photo and I got a selfie of him on my phone 🙂

Coconut mojitos or pineapple mojitos – no matter what, they always taste like you should have another one… And they make the sunset look even more beautifull!

Early in the morning

Accommodation at a hostel has both its pros and cons and one of them was the high noise level in the middle of the night when the celebratory people came home from clubbing. So I did not sleep as much as I had hoped for and  at 8 o’clock I was awake … (Yes yes, and I have not grown that old, that I can not sleep much longer …) Fortunately Kerstin was also awake and we packed our stuff and walked in Cangu’s small streets. The advantage of being active at this time of the day, is to walk around – obviously a special view for the locals, that are mostly used to tourists on rented scooters. But I can tell you guys, that the experience of the Cangu area is just another when you do not have to concentrate on bumps in the road, other scooters, dogs and so on…

Cangu is not just all about the beach, clubbing and rice paddies. All kind of stuff and ornaments can be bought in Cangu’s streets. And of course… Places with good food and coffee is also easy to find.

Petit Courmet in Cangu, gets my warmest recommendation. If you get tired of Nasi Goreng og Gado Gado, this is definitely the place to go. Bon appetite!


My break from daily life….

…. was a huge succes! So if you ever come to Bali, Cangu can definitely be recommended. It just requires you to spread your wings and follow the wind to the west coast 🙂

With Love – Karina Amalie

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