Who is the biggest monkey in the forest?? 

My parents have been so cool to jump on a plane and take the trip around the earth to visit me in Bali. They have booked a trip through a Danish travel bureau .  A agency with huge expertise and that specializing in Bali. My parents are so happy, that I would like to start this post by thanking the travel agency for creating the framework and for the call  when my parents were sitting in the airport – only for wishing them a good trip (yes, yes, yes, my dad’s wife thought the volcano entrupt) That’s good GOOD style – THANKS!


To get to Ubud, I had to go on scooter. A walk of about 1.5 hours. But it certainly does not matter, because with GPS and good music in the ears, time goes by much faster. In addition, the shift in the landscape also makes the trip an experience. Through pulsating Kuta to a more green and lush landscape, until you hit the “jungle” where Ubud town is located. The main street in Ubud is Monkey Road and small shops, yoga / massage places and cafes with food for those who want a good steak or vegetarian / vegan places with food for body and soul.

I quickly found my parents’ hotel, Sri Bungalow, and started out with a quick breakfast.

It’s always good to start the day with a full stomach when you are on adventure 🙂

Monkey forest


The park had a lot to show beside naughty monkeys

In all travel books you can find a section about Monkey Forest in Ubud and I would say that I was positively surprised by the park. The entrance cost 50,000IDR and around the park there were staff who could help you get the best pictures with a monkey on your back (well, notice a monkey on your back that is not taking anything from your open backpack but because you have a snack in your hand).

Monkeys in many sizes, junglebook forest and statues set a really good setting in the area and sometimes you almost forgot about the high temperature and humidity.

My parents and I spend a lot of time in The Monkey Forest and took some really good pictures – a lot more than a blog-reader can consume 🙂

Eating and massage

After the trip in the jungle, the hunt for lunch started. But by following recommendations from the girls from my homestay it was easy! We went out into the streets (in Ubud, there is a fortune, even though they are a bit uneven) and with the app maps.me we found the reommended Clear Cafe.

This cafe certainly gets my recommendation too! Delicious vegetarian and beautiful drink (even my father was a happy and mellow man when we left our small table and the soft chairs).

At the end of the day, my parents took a break in their hotel room and I found myself a little place that provided a nice foot massage for cheap money. I had to leave the main street, because all the “big” places was  busy. But the mystique of taking a detour down a small trail and finding a nice place maded my foot massage experience even better (the experience was so good that we lured my dad into a footmassage, even though he was a bit uncertain that very large foot like this, could get a massage).


If only for one day, everyone should have the chance to go to Ubud to experience the good energy, the many eateries and the surroundings in itself. It has also been recommended to me to try yoga, healing and hand reading – I will do that and tell you in my post in the future 🙂

With love – Karina Amalie

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