Suddenly I found my self doing kettle bell swings and the sun salutation…

My Danish friends from Denmark 🇩🇰 are traveling around Bali right now and I had the pleasure of meeting with them several times. A lot of delicious food and some cocktails have been consumed during the evenings while small talking. During the first evening I invited them to join me at the crossfit center in Jimbaran and told them about this amazing yoga I did at Balangan Beach.



I only attended to yoga once at the hill above Balangan Beach. Yoga is not my kind of activity normally, but on Bali everything is an opportunity to embrace life and I went when Asiaexchange did the event.  Max our teacher, was really really good and even though I for many years didn’t think the concept was for me, Max convinced me to give it another try.

Morten and Mika went along, but not for the kind of yoga I imagined for us. We arrived and another teacher than Max was instructing us during the one-hour long yoga session – Acro yoga!!!

I had not heard about that kind of yoga before and I did not imagine us doing those movements during the sunset.

But here is what happened. We did the yoga and it was fun and challenging. And would work great for couple’s therapy or second/third date material (nice thought Mika😀)

Someone had more time to enjoy the sunset than others 🙂


When I usually turn up to CrossFit, I never really know what the day brings in the center. I only know people are happy to see me, it’s getting sweaty and time flies when you’re concentrating, having fun (sometimes more crying inside then fun) and sweating tears.

At this training session, the WOD (workout of the day) had its focus on squat. I didn’t attend in the WOD because of some stomach problems (Yes, I ate something as crazy as chicken fried gut, it tasted good, but shocked my stomach) and I used the hour for taking some pictures and cheering. The major plus was, that I had the profits to listen to the music. Danish Volbeat can also get out of the loudspeakers in Bali (super cool).

At present I have met three real sweet and skilled instructors in the center, Richardo from Italy, Vera from Finland and Dina from Denmark. Everyone ready to give an encouragement (“It’s going to be closer to your body, Karina” – Dina), a shrug and help for the improvement of techniques.

I’ve met a lot of people to CrossFit – nationalities such as Argentine, Australian, Finnish, German, Sri Lanka and all with a passion for crossfitting. Whether the guests come in, whether it’s for a vacation, a definite training session or a permanent resident, the crossfit concept has certainly hit the world.

“With an open mind, a smile on your face and the trust in others, the world will be a more fulfilling place…” – Yoga instructor

With the acro yoga instructor’s word in mind and with the feeling of our bodies after CrossFit, I sent my friends of to enjoy their vacation around Bali.

I wish Mika and Morten a great holiday – thank you for taking the time to see me!!

With Love  Karina Amalie


If you are luckly, you will meet the same nice people over and over again. So, of course I meet them in Monkey Forest in Ubud 🙂



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