When the inner paparazzi comes out…

Like most people, I’m sitting with my cup of coffee in the morning and my cell phone in the my hand for getting  an update on the world around me. Here in Bali, I check today’s weather forecast, Danish news and of course facebook/instragram  gets skimmed quickly. But this morning, I also took a quick look at my photo album on my mobile and found that I have taken a lot of pictures because there are so many things and experiences I really want to share with you guys – but of course haven’t – because when my inner paparazzi goes crazy it hard for me to keep up with the blogging..  must use my instragram account more!

So, therefore, in today’s post, you get a mess of photos and little stories from the last month 🙂

In Bali, finding dinner is an everyday hunt

And with all the warungs around you and a lot to choose from, you will never have to eat the same two days in a row and you can explore new dishes every day. Yummy!

Asiaexchange arranged a nice day with river rafting and food

On our boat we had a good instructor with humor. Several times he slapped the crocodiles (there were no one, but it scared the shit out if the first time), he sang and he drank an ice cold Bintang radler with out 🙂

A swim down the river 🙂

A waterfall in the north

I had the pleasure of getting an invite from Jördis and Cindy to join them and a bus of happy locals for a trip to a nice waterfall in the north. The trip up there took us through Kuta’s morning traffic and through lovely rice fields. We had so much fun with jumping from the hills and sliding 10 meter down into the lake.


Time for reflections
Hanging out 🙂

Sunset hunting…

Sunsets are the best thing ever after a long day in school or hanging out at the beach. But the camera does not always catch the best shades or the sense of peace you get when the water’s noises fills your ears and the wind’s gentle breath stretches on your sunburned skin.

With the hunt of a good and pretty sunset, other elements sneaks in and puts the sun shine in the background and you suddenly capture an unexpected image 🙂

And lot of selfies … 🙂

Everyone has them and I’m definitely no exception. Here is a clip of the best ones.

Keeping track of all my paparazzi moments

is a struggle. But also funny, when you go through them.

I wish you all a good weekend – drink a coconut or two, take a lot of selfies and watch out for those vikings – they may pop up unexpected 🙂

With love – Karina Amalie

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