Finally, I am ready to blog in English….!

Finally! After many requests and the search for the right platform, I finally think I’ve got everything ready for my blog in English.
I know, many of you who have requested this as I usually write my posts in Danish and it has been taking me some time
But here it is and I am looking forward to share my little stories and experiences with you here.

Like all the other cool bloggers, I have also recently arranged an instragram @reflectionbyka – look me up there too 🙂


18th of September to 1st of October

I would really have primarily told you about some amazing tours I’ve been to 14 days, but I think it’s important to tell you about the possible volcanic eruptions on Mount Agung.

I have received a lot of inquiries from home and I would like to thank you for all the wonderful greetings and concerns about my way and well. Everything here is fine 🙂

First of all, I would like to say that it is great when people take initiatives on their own to help others. And I’m very glad I was allowed to be part of this initiative – sharing food and blankets/cloth for those who left home because of Mount Agung.

Together with some of my roomates  from Green Tara we met on Thursday with Tommy’s family (Tommy is our landlord at Green Tara) and their friends to drive towards the area of Rendagn which is 9km (security limit) from the volcano – at that time approxmately 7000 Balinese people stayed in the area, which, due to security, had chosen to leave homes and homes. We visited 4 places, each accommodating between 150 to 600 people.

Group photo
Together we are strong!
Everything from water, toilet paper, children’s clothes, blankets and not least, fresh ingredients such as eggs, rice, vegetables – yes everything for a good deal of nasi goreng was collected and ready for extradition.

The signs for the various camps could look very different.
Posko means in Bahasa language point.

A talk with a man that survived the first eroption
This older gentleman had a lot of heart and a lot to tell. He had experienced the last eruption of the volcano in the 1960s. Despite his age, he looked strong and had a great glimpse in the eye!

Water can be moved around in many different ways 🙂 but everything can be done with a smile.

The conditions were very different, but the rise cockers were not left behind!

At all the places we visited,  we were met with great smile as only The Balinese people can smile, gratitude and time for a long talk about daily life.

Everyday life continues, whether it’s fun, school work or sitting watching the family around.

In spite of the conditions and a future where the locals on Bali, do not know when to return home and what they are returning to, this day was incredibly good. If you believe in the butterfly effect, spreading smiles  is like rings in the water and smiling makes it easier to go  through the hard times.

The last few pictures shows some of the smiles I met last Thursday – a day where I did not feel like a tourist on extended stay, but actually as part of a larger whole.

Thanks to those who spread the smile that day 🙂

helping eachother
Ellie 🙂


Bruges 3 (2)
Tommy 🙂

With love – Karina Amalie



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